SYNERGIES FOR BUSINESS Business Consulting Girona Girona
After more than 20 years directing companies in the field of engineering, consulting, managing R & D projects and also promoting renewable and environmental projects, by 2015, we embark on a new project with the aim of providing solutions and answers to investment projects for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, in any of the areas and sectors that our clients are addressing.

Our professional and personal experience as investors and entrepreneurs allow us to advise on the whole chain of evolution of a project, from its idea to its physical execution.
From the world of business as entrepreneurs and as executives, or even participating in non-profit organizations, we have acquired capabilities and learned from the complicated essence of companies and their balances in their economic activity and management of all its resources (people, ideas, suppliers, projects, assets, territory ...).

With the focus on results, networking, creativity, the application of innovative techniques and solutions (both from a technical point of view), we advise and accompany entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors to achieve or improve the results of their projects. their respective projects.
We have a large and efficient network of collaborators (investors, financial managers, investment funds, engineers, property managers and consultants) with mutual confidence that allow us to meet small and large scale challenges and in any industrial sector. / or business.